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Are you ready to return back to your glory days? Do you still remember marching and dancing your heart out, or maybe were you too shy to tryout or you didn’t fit the image? Well no one says it has to be over or too late to be a part of a dance community made of a melting pot of races and genders. Rewriting Destiny’s has forged an inclusive dance team. We are calling the entire LGBTQIA+ to come join our dance team, live a dream without judgment & have fun in community.

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Types of Dance Teams


Majorette Team

  • Uniforms

  • Dance Shoes

  • Gloves

  • Tights


Flag Team

  • Uniforms

  • Dance Shoes

  • Gloves

  • Tights

  • Flags


Baton Twirlers Team

  • Uniforms

  • Dance Shoes

  • Gloves

  • Tights

  • Batons


Cheerleading Team

  • Uniforms

  • Dance Shoes

  • Pom Poms

About the Team

Name:              Perpetual illustrious (Pi)

Mission:          Bridge gaps in the community 

Goals:              Build community within the entire LGBTQIA+ community                  

Age Ranges:  18 and up

Colors:            Rainbow ascents, Full Rainbow with solid colors

Dance Type:   Majorette, Hip-Hop, Jazz

Dues:               $100.00 due at sign-up and $75.00 per week includes bus travel, food and drinks.

Benefits:         All dues are 100% tax deductible and be retrieved at tax time.

Uniform Types:

  1. Leotard

  2. Pant Suit (Mesh cut-outs)

  3. Short Suit or Skirt

  4. Winter Pant Suit

Individual Responsibilities:

  1. Uniforms  ($90.00 + per uniform)

  2. Dance Shoes ($30.00 - $50.00)

  3. Dance Tights ($10.00 - $20.00)

Pi Dance Team Fundraisers

  1. Car Wash

  2. Bounce Dance competition at shakedown

  3. Pride Festival (vendors donate 25% of proceeds)

  4. Seafood Fest / Fair / Concerts

  5. Teach the youth dance workshop


  • All dancers must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

  • You are responsible for being to practice on time.

  • Make sure you are stretching and warm up your muscles before you start dancing to make sure you don’t tear any muscles.

  • Make sure you eat or drink a balanced meal with protein at least an hour before practice.

  • Rewriting Destiny’s is not responsible for any missing belongings.

  • Treat everyone as a HUMAN being with respect.

  • Practice at home to get better on dance moves.

  • You are responsible for the purchase of your uniforms, equipment and accessories.

Parade Schedule



Parade Activities/Bands: James Henderson, Captain,

Marching Groups: Orlandez Pierre, Captain,


Zulu 03/4

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