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Self-Care Program
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Milk Bath
Mother and Daughter
Doctor's Visit
Super Health Food
Medical Consultation
Hair Wash
Natural Cosmetics
Smile Check
Manicured Hands
Washing Machine Interior
Facial Wash
Loading the Washing Machine
Laundry Room
Dermatology Consultation
Laundry Room
Homemade Remedies
Child at the Pediatrician
Powders and Grains

Rewriting Destiny's wants to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.


The Self-Care Program purpose is to help provide & bring essential needs to the Southeastern Louisiana Communities. These services are available for marginalized groups, minority groups, disaster poverty stricken youth, adults, and the homeless. They are broke down into multiple services to help stabilize multiple communities.

 The Self-Care Program provides free showers & bathrooms, free washer & dryer & fold usage, free food & drinks to the homeless & have access to licensed barbers, manicurist, & cosmetologist with our Beautification Services and more. Below you can view all services provided by the self-care program.


Citrus Fruits

Self-Care Services


Beautification Services

"See Yourself in a Different LIGHT"

Nail Service

Hair Service

Facial Service

Clothing Service

Makeover Service

Creating pivotal moments to greatly impact the self-esteem and confidence that boost a star to start shining again. Homeless recipients are allowed a one-time service that will cover all cosmetology and apparel needs while teaching individuals how to maintain their makeovers.


DMV Services 

ID Services

Driver’s License Services


Hygiene Services

Sanitary Service

Hygiene Service

Laundry Mat Service


Home Assistants Services

Providing Housing Assistants

Create Housing Assistant Apartment Complex

Shelter Services


Jobs Services

Find jobs for participants ​

Job Readiness 

Job Materials


Full Stomach Kitchen Services

Food Service


Lawyer Services

Family Law Services

Business Law Services

Court Law Services

Property Law Services

Federal Law Services

State Law Services


Medical Services 

European Medical Services

Holistic Medical Services


Vital Records Services 

Birth Certificate Services

On-Going Projects

Project Portal Help is our current on-going project for the Self-Care program.  These projects will consent Rewriting Destiny's reach & help 75% more homeless and displaced individuals in their time of need. The project consist of three18-wheeler 53in truck trailers that are converted into a Laundry Mat Center, Hygiene Center & Food Center. These projects will help the homeless locally and assist nationally when natural disasters occur. 

 To achieve the best possible outcome to help the homeless in the southeastern Louisiana, Rewriting Destiny’s made the self-care program portable so we can help all those in need local & far.


Our proposed work and activities are to daily hit the streets across the southeastern Louisiana and setup our portable self-care program including four eighteen-wheeler trucks that will house the four different services Hygiene Services, Laundry Mat Services, Feeding Services & Beautification Services.


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