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Rewriting Destiny’s mission is to create pivotal moments to greatly, overwhelming impact; celebrate; empower; give voices; teach and aid marginalized groups, minority groups, poverty stricken youth, adults, and LGBTQ+ Community to bridge gaps in equality, education, homeless care, LGBTQ+ care, medical care & mental care no matter gender, age or race.


        Rewriting Destiny’s is an Inclusive LGBTQ+ Community Center dedicated to helping the LGBTQ+ Community and the homeless while educating, building, & mending relationships between the LGBTQ Community & heterosexual allegiances. Our organization help systematically to build and structure a community that continuously help the participants during and after successfully entering our programs.

       Rewriting Destiny’s understand that being your authentic self is important and the challenges you may have transitioning. The reason why Rewriting Destiny’s is the first LGBTQ+ Community Center in the state of Louisiana and the United States that provide all services that a transgender person will need to mentally, physically, legally, and surgically transition including all surgical needs through our Transformation Program. This includes facial & hair line reconstruction, breast implants or removal, SRS surgery, body reconstruction, adams apple shaved, voice box augmentation, silicone scraping, hotel stays, doctor visits, medicines, flights, onsite psychiatrist, mentors, doctor office with in-house surgery recovery, hormone therapy, name change, and sex change for all documents relating to each individual and more.

       Recipients cycling through our Redemption Program will receive: housing assistants for off-site properties, our on-site apartment complex and/or our on-site shelter living, job assistance, education & life changing workshops, workforce immurement to prepare and help participants build skills to land jobs with select companies and organizations, complete makeovers from head to toe. Through our Network Services Program we connected with our organizations & businesses that provide different or the same services to help in creating a community for the community to lean on. In order to create pivotal moments to greatly, overwhelming impact, celebrate, empower, give voices, and aid the lives of the homeless & LGBTQ+ Community a recipient must go through multiple programs.

        The LGBTQ+ Education Program is creating safe spaces for children and adults alike to help find themselves, come out to their families, educate families and friends, and have panels to educate and help address big groups on the hard and uncomfortable topics so we can build, & mend allegiances among other things. We also provide the essentials of free showers, food, and laundry mat usage and shelter through our Self-Care Program in-person or via our mobile laundry mat, food & hygiene trucks.

       Rewriting Destiny’s lift the voices of recipients documenting their own stories about how life hit them with reality, and their journey transitioning among other things via our Documentary Program. Rewriting Destiny’s is the safe haven for the LGBTQ+ Community.

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